Our Mission

The Society of CSU Faculty/AP Retirees exists to enhance life in retirement for faculty members of Colorado State University. The Society provides a range of intellectual, artistic, and cultural programs of interest to active individuals during their retirement years. It further nurtures opportunities for retired faculty to continue, as desired, their contributions to the teaching, research, and outreach components of the CSU mission. The Society works to provide a range of benefits for retired faculty. The Society advocates for improved policies affecting retired faculty as a class within the CSU community.

Becoming a Member

Welcome! If you are a retired CSU faculty member or administrative professional, you are considered a member of the Society of CSU Faculty/AP Retirees. No membership application is required, nor is there a fee to belong. Retired faculty members from any other higher education institution are welcomed as “Affiliate Members”.

Our mission statement above summarizes the Society’s goals around which we offer several programs. Details can be found under the various links in the boxes on the right. We find that our members are intellectually, socially, and physically engaged with life, and we try to develop programs and support services of interest to such a group.

To be placed on the Society’s mailing list for information and announcements, contact the President, any member of the Executive Committee, or our administrative coordinator.