The Executive Committee is a group of members who are given broad decision authority by the Society’s By-Laws to govern the Society’s mission, goals, programs, and image. Several Executive Committee members have individual leadership roles for program elements as indicated below.

Charles Davidshofer
Student Affairs
(970) 223-9326

Tom Boardman
(970) 484-5767

Lenora Bohren
Construction Mgmt., Institute of the Built Environment
(970) 669-6192

Victoria Buchan
Social Work
(970) 491-5211

Sue James
Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs

Sue Ellen Markey
Vice President; Newsletter Editor
Political Science
(970) 482-7260

Martha Denney
International Education
(970) 218-9210

Bob Hoffert
(646) 369-9602

Garth McCann
Finance & Real Estate
(970) 690-2255

Barb Gibbens
General Inquiries and Information /
Administrative Support
(970) 491-6614