Identification and Communication


Colorado State University retirees may obtain a permanent RamCard ID.

When an employee retires, their employee RamCard is deactivated. An employee who is currently retiring may purchase a new RamCard which will have an updated photo and say Retiree instead of Faculty or Employee.

If you are already retired and do not have a RamCard to use in retirement, you can still purchase one at the RamCard Office.

Whether you are purchasing a RamCard as you transition into retirement, or you never had a RamCard and are obtaining one for the first time, or you have lost or damaged your RamCard and need to replace it, there is a fee. Please go to RamCard for current fees, hours, location and acceptable forms of identification that you will need to obtain your card.


Colorado State University’s Electronic Identity (eID) system facilitates a simplified and secure form of authentication and authorization across multiple university electronic systems and services that require an electronic login. Your eID consists of 1) a login name (eName) and 2) password of your choice which must adhere to university password rules. Most retirees will already have an eID which moves with them into retirement.

Central Email Account

All Colorado State University students, faculty, staff, and retirees are given a free email account with the creation of an eID.  Unless the individual chooses some other alias, the default format will be the university’s generic

Special Access to Selected Services

Access to CSU Libraries

Many retirees find the university’s libraries to be an invaluable source of enjoyment, stimulation and resources for new interests, adult learning, and second careers. Retired faculty are provided access exactly as are regularly employed faculty. Key among the services available to retired faculty and administrative professionals are 1) six month check-out, 2) full InterLibrary Loan (ILL) service, 3) assistance from reference librarians, and 4) remote access to various proprietary data bases.

Library users should be aware that two conditions will trump one’s retired status for library (and parking) services in the university’s computer listings. One is a post-retirement affiliation with CSU in one of the “Associate” statuses (such as guest associate) which do not carry faculty privileges. The second is formal enrollment as a student for adult learning or a new certificate or degree program. Since this is considered more active than retired status, one’s privileges convert to those of a regular student.

Parking Permits

Free parking is authorized for any former employee who is retired from CSU. If you return to work for the University and earn more than $10,000, you will no longer qualify for the free permit.  Note also that free permits are for retiree use only and should not be used for family members that may still work at or attend classes at CSU.

Recreation and Exercise Facilities

Campus recreational facilities are available, for a fee, for use by academic faculty members, administrative professionals, staff members,  and retirees in all categories. Contact Campus Recreation for information regarding the use of the Student Recreation Center, and contact the Department of Health and Exercise Science regarding programs offered in the Moby Gymnasium and the South College Gymnasium.

University Club

Membership in the University Club is available to retirees at reduced rates. Club membership includes complimentary continental breakfasts on weekdays, 20% discounts at the Aspen Grille, 10% discounts at the CSU bookstore, and a full bar happy hour on Thursdays. This is a great place to meet old friends and colleagues in a quiet and relaxed atmosphere.

Software Discounts

RAMtech extends Educational Pricing on all products to anyone designated in the HR database as retired. Call RAMtech at 970-491-7625.

Technical Support from the ACNS Help Desk

The ACNS Help Desk is located in the Morgan Library. Specialists are available to offer computing help and information during scheduled hours throughout the semester. Call the Help Desk at 970-491-7276 or email


Retirees have free access to Transfort, MAX, and FLEX with a valid RamCard. The card must be updated with a smart chip. If you need to update your card, you must go in person to the RamCard office in the Lory Student Center.